dennisA European Association of Professors Emeriti has been founded to include Retired Professors from all European Universities – and corresponding members from non – European Universities. The founding congress was held under the Auspices of H.E. the President of the Hellenic Republic Mr. Prokopios Pavlopoulos in Athens on Sept 30-31 and Oct 1 and was attended by 68 founding members.

The Onassis Foundation was the Grand Sponsor. The congress was also supported by the National Bank of Greece, the Institute of Public Health of the American College of Greece and the Athens Medical Society.

The seat of the Association is in Athens, Greece and the official languages are Greek and English. The By-laws were approved by the Athens Court of the Piece on February 1 2017, thus ensuring our legal status.

We believe that a University Professor is called upon to continue his vοcation as educator, counselor, and researcher for life. Especially in these financially and politically difficult times, Emeriti and Retired Professors should demonstrate their solidarity in a pan-European sense, for instance by offering their aid to their still active colleagues and to society in general on a voluntary and public pro bono basis.



The purposes of the Association are best summarized in Article 3 of our By-laws:

  1. The creation and/or preservation of ties among academics and professors emeriti all over Europe.
  2. The collaboration of European professors’ emeriti in conducting research projects or in producing and publishing meritorious scientific work.
  3. The submission of proposals to the relevant European authorities with respect to the study of issues related to graduate and post graduate education or offering courses to the general public with a view to contributing to restructuring curricula or other sections of learning, where such needs exist.
  4. The exchange of knowledge and ideas stemming from various scientific fields, visual and performing arts.
  5. The active cooperation among European scientists across various academic fields via the organization of meetings, colloquia or conferences of interdisciplinary and intra-cultural interests and the creation of a “Think Tank.”
  6. The moral, scientific, legal counseling and material support to colleagues and their families and also to every needy individual.
    The logo of the Association depicts Europa and the Bull. This image was originally drawn on a calyx krater (ca 330 – 320 B.C.), today part of the Collection of the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna.  

However, the statements in a set of By-laws are necessarily of limited length.

We see many more activities which can be undertaken by our Association.

A very important purpose is continuing education for the general public. Of course, this is being carried out by many organizations, but an Association such as ours could give very high quality education. Apart from the general public, we could address various specific disciplines, such as Medicine, Law, Pedagogy, Philosophy, Natural Sciences etc. A main thread combining all these efforts could be the discussion of Ethics on Professional practice, education, and research. Professors who have successfully concluded their academic careers have the noble aspiration to offer what they are best able to provide: a moral and ethical stance in life, knowledge, and education.

We believe that we would be unjust to ourselves if we thought of our Association as a club of retired professionals who try to find a hobby. We have a purpose in life to disseminate knowledge, education, and culture.

However, to achieve these worthwhile goals, we must have the strength provided by adequate numbers and good organization. The means to achieve these purposes could be meetings, congresses, newsletters, websites and webinars. Also, additional practical considerations should be given due attention. Thus all over Europe and within individual countries there is no uniformity as regards how the status of Professor Emeritus can be obtained. Moreover, apart from a title, the rights and privileges of such a nomination should be homogeneous and harmonized all over Europe.

We count on your participation and support.

Currently our registered members are 221.

Very Sincerely Yours,

Dennis V. Cokkinos
Dept of Medicine (Cardiology), University of Athens

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