Emer. Prof. Dennis V. Cokkinos – Athens

Professor Emeritus in Cardiology, University of Athens
Biomedical Research Foundation Academy of Athens

4 Soranou Ephessiou St, 115 27 Athens, Greece
T: +30 210 65 97 181
F: +30 210 65 97 352
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

He trained in Athens and at the Baylor University, Texas Heart Institute, Houston Texas. He has been director of cardiology at the Tzaneio hospital in Piraeus (1978-1993) and the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center (1993-2009).

He retired as Professor from the University of Athens in 2005. Since 2009 he is Director of the Heart and Vessel Dept of the Biomedical Research Foundation Academy of Athens. He has published four Greek and 2 foreign text books. He is author for more than 400 full articles in International Peer Review Journals. His current research interests are Myocardial remodeling and preservation and cardiovascular pharmacotherapy. He has been Vice President of the European Society of Cardiology. He is a corresponding foreign member of the National Academy of Medicine of France. Currently he is President of the Association of the Professors Emeriti of the University of Athens.


Natale Gaspare De Santo, MD, Emeritus – Naples

Università della Campania Luigi Vanvitelli
5 Via Pansini, Policlinico, Pad 17, Nephrology – 80131 Naples, Italy
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. – Handy phone +3934841117376

Education and academic career MD on 8.2.1963 – Postgraduate studies at Dept of Medicine of the University Federico II in Naples, the Institutes of Physiology and Clinical Physiology of the Free University in Berlin, and at the Dept of Clinical Chemistry of St Erik Hospital in Stockholm- Professor of Pediatric Nephrology (1980-1990), Professor of Nephrology (1991-2009) – Certified Specialist in Cardiology, Nephrology, Internal Medicine,and Pediatrics.

Publications No 362 scientific items in Research Gate, No.333 papers (329+3+1) in Scopus (February 2,2017), H-index 31 – 5 textbooks for students and renal fellows – Guest editor of international Journals for 31 different topics – 25 International and 22 National Monographs – Last monograph: The nature of Water (20141, 20162).

Special functions Founder of: Int. Soc. of Pediatric Nephrology, Int. Soc. For Peritoneal Dialysis, and Ital. Soc. of Pediatric Nephrology – Councillor of the Int. Assoc. for Renal Metabolism and Nutrition and of the Ital. Soc of Nephrology – Founder, first President and Councilor for life of the Int. Assoc. for the History of Nephrology – Member of the Council on History of the Int. Soc. of Nephrology and Coordinator of its Sister program with the University of Varna- Founder and president (1990-2009) of the Committees for the Borelli Medal and Award on Acid-Base, and for the Telesio Conference on Edema – Founder and Secretary (2001 to present) of the Mediterranean Kidney Soc.- Promoter of the First EU Master in Nephrology (2001) – Member (2000 to present) of the Scientific Council of the Italian Institute for Philosophical Studies (IISF) – Promoter the Appeal for Clinical Research (1996) of the IISF – Founder and Councilor (2001-2009) of the Italian Kidney Foundation- Guest professor at the University of Kosice – Promoter of the international Conference on The Human Capital of Age, Naples September 15-16, 2016.

Services Member of the Topical Team for Kidney and Electrolytes of the European Space Agency- Coordinator of the first bed rest study of the Italian Space Agency (ASI) for the Osma Study (2007 and 2008) – Coordinator for Biomedicine and Biotechnology of ASI (2007-2008) – Founder and Councilor (2001-2009) of the Italian Kidney Foundation – Member of the Pool of Reviewers of the European Science Foundation (2000 o present )– Coordinator of Survival is Not Enough for the IISF (2006-2017) – Reviewer for New Drugs for the European Medicine Agency (2006 to present) – Co-PI of the ongoing Project on Renal Function in Space (EROS Project) of ASI – Organizer and scientific advisor for more than 100 national and international congresses.

Honors Doctor Honoris Causa in Medicine at the University of Varna – Doctor Honoris Causa in Medicine at the University of Košice – Karola Marchinkowska Medal of the University of Poznan – Memorial Medal of the Medical Faculty at the University of Gdansk – Harald of the Hippocratic Medicine (Athens 2015)- Distinguished Medal and guest professor of the National Kidney Foundation of USA – Hon. Member of the Bulgarian Kidney Foundation – Socium honoris causa of the Rumenian Society of Nephrology – Sodalem Honoris causa Societatis MedicorumSlovacorum -Correspondent member of the German Society of Nephrology.

Editorial Boards 1. Minerva Nefrologica, 2. Giornale Italiano di Nefrologia, 3. Kidney & Blood Pressure Research, 4. Am. J. Kidney Disease (Assoc. editor), 5. Kidney Int., 6. Mineral and Electrolyte Metabolism (Assoc. editor), 7. Renal Physiol. and Biochem., 8. Int. J. of Pediatric Nephrology (Assoc. editor), 9. Pediatric Nephrology and Urology (Assoc. editor). 10. Peritoneal Dialysis Bulletin, 11. Peritoneal Dialysis International, 12. Nephron (Assoc. editor for the sections on Pediatric Nephrology and History of Nephrology), 13. Int. J.Artif. Organs (1975-2009). 14. Annales Kinesiology, 15. Actual Nephrology (in Cyrillic).


Drt. Luigi Campanella – Rome

Professor of Environmental and Cultural Heritage Chemistry
Sapienza University of Rome

Tel: +390649913744
T-Fax: +390649913725
Mobile: 3381127639
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E-mail-02: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Luigi Campanella is Professor of Environmental and Cultural Heritage Chemistry at Sapienza University of Rome. He started his career as Professor of Analytical Chemistry so that his first scientific production is focused on analytical problems from mutual interactions to determinations, in real matrices, such as particularly foods and environmental matrices. In the second part of his academic activity he looked at the complex and very important aspects of protection, conservation and restoration of cultural heritage with particular attention paid to cellulosic ones, up to Sydnone. He took part to about 400 congresses and is author of about 550 papers published in national and mostly international journals. He deserved some awards as in Science Instrument of Peace, medals from different institutions – to be evidenced that one for his contributions to alternative methods to experiments on animal as recommended by EU-, Capire Prize. He is member of Academy of Natural Sciences of Russia. He was president of Italian Chemical Society and of Regional. Professional Order of Chemistry. He wrote 6 books in the field of Chemistry for Art, of Museology, of Analytical Chemistry and, what is really his primary field of research of Sensors and Biosensors.


Prof. Dr. Raymond Ardaillou – Paris

Born: June 10th 1930, Villeneuve-sur-lot, France
Married, 4 children

Medical studies in Paris (1947-1953); resident in medicine (1954-1959)
Assistant Professor in nephrology (1959-1966)
Professor of Physiology (1966-1999)
Head of the Physiology department in Tenon Hospital and at the Faculty of medicine St Antoine (1973-1999)
Head of the Research unit of nephrology (INSERM) in Tenon Hospital (1985-1998)
Member of the Academy of medicine (from 1996)
Deputy Secretary of the Academy of medicine (2003-2010)
“Perpetual” secretary of the Academy of medicine (2011-2015)
Member of Academia europaea (from 1999)
President of the “Fondation du Rein” (Kidney Foundation) (2006-2011)
President of the Association Robert Debré for medical research (from 2015)

Main interests in research: physiology of water and electrolyte balance, hormonal regulation of renal functions, hypertension, renal diseases, renal physiology (essentially, glomerular physiology) He was the first to describe the presence of hormone receptors in the glomerulus and to analyse the properties of cultured glomerular cells (murine and human mesangial and epithelial cells) and the role played by the glomerular secretion products in glomerular diseases.

Selection of 15 publications among about 300:

  1. Ardaillou R, Sizonenko P, Meyrier A, Vallee G, Beaugas C. Metabolic clearance rate of radioiodinated human calcitonin in man. J Clin Invest 49 : 2345-52, 1974.
  2. Sraer J, Loreau R, Ardaillou R, Sraer Jd. Evidence for parathyroid hormone-sensitive adenylate cyclase in rat glomeruli. Mol Cell Endocr 1: 285-94, 1974.
  3. Loreau N, Lepreux C, Ardaillou R. Calcitonin-sensitive adenylate cyclase in rat renal tubular membranes. Biochem J 150 : 305-14, 1975.
  4. Sraer J, Baud L, Cosyns Jp, Verroust P, Nivez Mp, Ardaillou R. High affinity binding of 125 I angiotensin II to rat glomerular basement membranes. J Clin Invest 59 : 69-82, 1977.
  5. Sraer J, Rigaud M, Bens M, Rabinovitch H, Ardaillou R. Metabolism of arachidonic acid via the lipoxygenase pathway in human and murine glomeruli. J Biol Chem 258 : 4325-4330, 1983.
  6. Baud L, Sraer J, Perez J, Nivez Mp, Ardaillou R. Leukotriene C4 binds to glomerular epithelial cells and promotes their proliferation in vitro. J Clin Invest 76 : 374-7, 1985.
  7. Dussaule Jc, Vahanian A, Michel Pl, Soullier S, Czekalski S, Acar J, Ardaillou R. Plasma atrial natriuretic factor and cyclic GMP in mitral stenosis treated by balloon valvulotomy : effects of atrial fibrillation. Circulation 78 : 276-85, 1988.
  8. Chansel D, Pham P, Nivez Mp, Ardaillou R. Characterization of atrial natriuretic factor receptors in human glomerular epithelial and mesangial cells. Am J Physiol (Renal Fluid Electrolyte Physiology) 259 : F619-27, 1990.
  9. Chansel D, Czekalski S, Pham P, Ardaillou R. Characterization of angiotensin receptor subtypes in human glomeruli and mesangial cells. Am J Physiol (Renal Fluid Electrolyte Physiology) 262 : F432-F441, 1992.
  10. Denton D, Weisinger R, Mundy Ni, Wickings Ej, Dixson A, Moisson P, Pingard Am, Shade R, Carey R, Ardaillou R, Paillard F, Chapman J, Thillet J, Michel Jb. The effect of increase of salt intake on blood pressure of chimpanzees. Nat Med 1 : 1009-16, 1995.
  11. Chatziantoniou C, Pauti Md, Pinet F, Promeneur D, Dussaule Jc, Ardaillou R. Regulation of renin release is impaired after nitric oxide inhibition. Kidney International 49 : 626-33, 1996.
  12. Chatzantoniou C, Boffa Jj, Ardaillou R, Dussaule Jc. Nitric oxide inhibition induces early activation of type I collagen gene in renal resistance vessels and glomeruli in transgenic mice : role of endothelin. J Clin Invest 101 : 2780-9, 1998.
  13. Boffa Jj, Tharaux Pl, Placier S, Ardaillou R, Dussaule Jc, Chatziantoniou C. Angiotensin II activates collagen type I Gene in the renal vasculature of transgenic mice during inhibition of nitric oxide synthesis : Evidence for an endothelin-mediated mechanism. Circulation 100 : 1901-8, 1999.
  14. Tharaux PL, Chatziantoniou C, Casellas D, Fouassier L, Ardaillou R, Dussaule JC. Vascular endothelin-1 gene expression, synthesis and effect on renal type I collagen synthesis and nephroangiosclerosis during nitric oxide synthase inhibition in rats. Circulation 16 : 2185-91, 1999.
  15. Paillard F, Chansel D, Brand E, Benetos A, Thomas F, Czekalski S, Ardaillou R, Soubrier F. Genotype-phenotype relationships for the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system in a normal population. Hypertension 1999, 34 : 423-9.

Participation in text books of nephrology:

  1. Sraer Jd, Sraer J, Ardaillou R, Richet G. Le glomérule : organe cible et lieu de synthèse d’hormones et de médiateurs chimiques. In Actualités néphrologiques de l’Hôpital Necker 1980, Grünfeld JP, ed. Flammarion, Paris, 1980, p 277-96.
  2. Ardaillou R, Paillard F. Metabolism of polypeptide hormones by the kidney. In Advances in Nephrology, vol. 9, Maxwell MH, ed. Year Book Med Publishers, 1980, p 247-69.
  3. Ardaillou R, Baud L, Sraer J. Role of arachidonic acid metabolites and reactive oxygen species in glomerular immune-inflammatory process. Springer Semin Immunopathol 9 : 371-85, 1987.
  4. Ardaillou R. Glomerular metabolism. In Textbook of Nephrology, 2nd edition, Massry SG, Glassock RJ. Eds. Williams & Wilkins, Baltimore, 1989, p 109-15.
  5. Ardaillou R, Ronco P, Rondeau E. Biology of renal cells in culture in the Kidney, 5th edition, vol 1, Brenner BM, ed. W. Saunder Cy, Philadelphia, 1996, p 99-192.

maria01a1st MEMBER

Emer. Prof. Maria Th. Ochsenkühn-Petropoulou – Athens

Tel/Fax: +30-210-7723094, +30-210-6749079 - Mobile: +30-6972035984
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Web: Ochsenkuehn-Petropoulou

She is Director of the certified Research Unit “Instrumental methods of Analysis-Environment” of the Laboratory of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry, Department of Chemical Sciences, NTUA. She is Chemical Engineer and received her Diploma and PhD “Doktor Ingenieur” from the Technical University Berlin. Since 1976, she has been Professor of Instrumental Methods of Analysis at the NTUA and teaches instrumental methods of analysis, environmental control and advanced inorganic chemistry to graduate and postgraduate students of the NTUA and has published 14 educational books. At 2015 she was nominated Emeritus Professor of NTUA. Her research interests include speciation analysis of toxic compounds in the aquatic environment; environmental research and control on the quality of surface and ground waters by modem analytical techniques (ICP-MS, ICP-OES, voltammetry) and hyphenated chromatographic techniques; investigation into airborne particulate composition and particulates emitted from catalytic vehicles and burning of biomass; utilization of industrial byproducts in the laboratory and on a pilot-plant scale; and the production and characterization of superconducting powders and coatings. She has published more than 250 scientific papers in international journals and conference proceedings and she has been the coordinator of 40 European and Greek research projects (newly a Horizon Project over recovery of scandium from Red Mud).She is/was the supervisor of 11 PhD and over 100 Diploma and Post-graduate Theses. She has been visiting Professor at different Universities and Research Centers abroad, as TU Munich, BTU Cottbus, NRC Hahn-Meitner Institute Berlin, Environmental Research Center GSF at Munich and others. Furthermore she was Vice-President of the Greek Organization for Vocational Education and Training (OEEK) of the Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs, as well as National Representative of the EEC-Project “Measuring and Testing, Improvement of Chemical Analysis”. For 4 years she was the Head of the Section Chemical Sciences of the School of Chemical Engineering and for 15 years in the Board of the Center for Environment and Quality of Life, NTUA. She has established since 1999 until today from the position of President/Vice-President, the International Conference series IMA (Instrumental Methods of Analysis-Modern Trends and Applications), which gather in Greece every 2 years the most important world known scientists in Instrumental Chemical Analysis.

michael01a2nd MEMBER

o.Univ. Prof. Dr. Michael Kunze – Vienna

Center for Public Health
Medical University of Vienna

Kinderspitalgasse 15/1, 1090 Wien
Tel.: 01/40160 – 34880 - Fax: 01/40100 – 934882
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

1942 born in Vienna, Austria
1961 Medical School, University of Vienna
1968 Research assistant, Institute of Hygiene, University of Vienna
1969 M.D., Assistant Professor Medical Faculty, University of Vienna (Mycoplasma Lab)
1972 Head, Department of Social Medicine, Institute of Hygiene, University of Vienna
1976 Associate Professor (Hygiene and Microbiology)
1983 Full Professor (Public Health), Institute of Social Medicine, Medical University of Vienna
2011 Emeritus, Center for Public Health

Publications – 861

Numerous national and international assignments.

liv01a3rd MEMBER

Dr. Philos. Liv Mjelde – Oslo

Professor Emeritus, Centre for Senior Staff, Oslo Metropolitan University
PB. 4 St. Olavs plass, N-0130 Oslo Norway.
Ph. +4767235000 - Mob. +47 90026027
E-mail-01: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
E-mail-02: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Web: Liv Mjelde

Liv Mjelde is Professor Emeritus in Vocational Pedagogy. She is a sociologist by training and specialist in Sociology of Education, especially studying the changing relations between vocational and general education from psychological (forms of knowledge), didactic (workshop and classroom learning) and sociological (division of manual and mental labour) perspectives. One of her research fields is gender divisions as they can be observed directly in vocational education, in male and female occupational fields, in relation to movements on the manual labour marked and in family ideology. Work experiences include teaching and guidance of master and doctoral students in the area of technical and vocational education in several countries. Besides a network with researchers in European countries, Liv Mjelde has a wide network with colleagues in North and South America, Australia and Africa. She has been a visiting scholar at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada, at the University of Tirana, Albania, at the Institute of Adult Education, University of Adelaide, Adelaide, Australia and at Kyambogo University, Kampala, Uganda. She has been part of the Network of Vocational Education and Training: Vet & Culture since it’s initiation in Finland in 1993. She has organized several international conferences in the field of vocational education. She has also published widely in several languages and has been the keynote speaker in both National and International conferences. Evaluation of Leonardo da Vinci programmes for the EU Commission has been part of her work. She has been the Norwegian project leader for HIOA in a cooperative project with Kyambogo University in Kampala, Uganda and Upper Nile University, Malakal, Southern Sudan (2007- 2011) building up a Master’s degree in Vocational Pedagogy at Kyambogo University with students from Uganda and Southern Sudan.

nikolaos01a1st SUBSTITUTE

Dr. Nikolaos Toutountzakis - Athens


Born in 1939 and lived in Crete until 18 years old.

1958 Graduated from the Dentist Department of Medical School at the University of Athens.
1967-1969 Served Greece as Reserve Health Doctor at Greek Armed Forces.
1972 Awarded the title of Doctor in Dentistry.
1989 Awarded the title of Orthodontics specialty from the Health Ministry of Greece.
1972-2006 Assistant Professor at the University of Athens on the subject of Orthodontics in Dental School.

He has long-term experience in the treatment of orthodontic problems both at the University of Athens and at his private clinic in Athens. He has attended post-graduate studies and seminars in orthodontics at the Universities of England, Denmark and Germany.

Member of:
The Dentist Association of Athens
The Orthodontic Society of Greece
The Orthodontic Company and Maxillofacial Study and Research
The Professors Emeritus Association of Athens University since January 2007.

He has participated in more than 45 scientific announcements about Orthodontic diagnosis and treatment, as well as in conferences and meetings both in Greece and abroad. He has contributed to more than 40 publications in Greek and international scientific journals, as well as in the writing of two books on Orthodontics.