Activities of the EAPE Sections

by George N. Christodoulou, MD, PhD, FRCPsych., FICPM, President-Elect, EAPE



Among the issues discussed lately in the EAPE Board, the Educational and Promotional activities of the Association were specifically highlighted. Under this light, the role that the Sections (former committees") could play was discussed and Prof. George Christodoulou and Prof. Dusica Lecic Tosevski were authorized to lead in this area. As a consequence we have contacted the coordinators of each section, asking them to contribute to these scopes by organizing section seminars. Each section would have to organize a seminar during a specific month so that in every single month there would be at least one EAPE seminar or webinar or both (in hybrid form).
We believe in this activity for a variety of reasons, the main reason being reinforcement of COMMUNICATION.
Indeed, there are members who wonder why they should continue their membership with the EAPE, especially in periods of great austerity like the present one.
What does the EAPE "give" to them and which are the advantages of belonging to our group?
We feel that the main advantage is COMMUNICATION. The opportunity to contact colleagues of various disciplines and nationalities, to cooperate with them, to receive or provide information, to agree on, adopt and communicate joint positions as "statements" , to attempt organizing joint research and to attend or actively participate in educational activities. All this can be achieved through COMMUNICATION.
There are various channels of communication in THE ΕΑPE: The Bulletin, the Newsletter, the Website, the electronic mail, the social media. These, however, are not enough. We need a live and continuous flow of scientific exchange and this can be achieved via the seminar-webinar initiative.
Thus, we have made a plan and have started implementing it. The seminars that we have organized so far have been invariably successful, due to the excellent cooperation with the coordinators of each of the involved sections and our hope is that this will also be the case with the remaining sections. Hereunder the seminars that have been implemented and those that have been scheduled for the future.


We hope that the seminars, in addition to serving their educational purposes will also provide some much needed visibility that will hopefully serve the recruitment of new members.
We need to work synergistically in order to achieve our scopes and this requires a substantial increase in our membership that will also contribute to the economic stability of our Association.